Casual Garage Coder

About Casual Garage CoderĀ 

The company's goal is to create games that are sometimes relaxing, sometimes action-packed, but without ever losing sight of the main thing: having fun without having to perform. Whether alone or with others, our games are there to have a good time and in the end, put a smile on your face.

Current Projects

It is primarily intended to be a couch game, to be played with friends in a friendly atmosphere where everyone finally gets together after that weird period of isolation and restriction. But we don't close the door to those who would like to stay on THEIR couch and play remotely.

The game itself is a mix of brawler and platformer. Retro graphics are mixed with more recent graphic effects, and each character has his own characteristics (and super powers).

Over time, new characters and arenas will be added, as well as new gameplay elements, for free. Our goal will be to listen to the community and make improvements as the feedback from players comes in.

The music is entirely composed, played and recorded by yours truly. The graphics are the work of art of several contributors and the Casual Garage Coder (like my beloved blob and other characters that are being created at the time of writing).

The game is rigorously and scrupulously tested by the toughest critics: my friends and especially, my own daughter, who takes great pleasure in crushing me during frenzied games.

The game will be available on Steam. A free demo is scheduled for April 2023 and a full release in the next weeks.


Casual Garage Coder can be reached by mail or on twitter.